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Click on Sign Up on WebPageTest to create a user account on WebPageTest. You can create a user account on WebPageTest if you are looking to:

For access to your past test results, please note that WebPageTest currently stores up to 30 days of test history from the local browser that is made available as long as storage isn't cleared. Creating an account helps keep your test history for longer and to see test history across multiple browsers.

Unable to sign in

Did you previously register on the forum, or sign up with Google on WebPageTest?

WebPageTest is now integrated with Catchpoint's account management instead of relying on the legacy forums or Google accounts for authentication. As of April 6, 2021, you'll have to create a new account here to be able to log into WebPageTest to either post on the forum, save your test results under Test History, or subscribe to the WebPageTest API.

You'll be to have access to your previous test results under Test History, when you create your account here using the same email address as your previosuly registered email address with WebPageTest.