Catchpoint WebPageTest Documentation

Google Cloud Test Agents

If you are using the agents with a server in Google cloud, make sure to set up the server first so you will have the agent configuration information available.

Create a base server image

Create an Instance Template

Create an instance template for preemptable n1-standard-2 instances using the agent image.

The agents are configured through a metadata string with the name "wpt_data":


Example metadata string wpt_loc=Test wpt_key=xxxxx


The linux agents auto-scale well for bulk testing using a Managed Instance group. In that mode it is recommended to use preemptable instances and set a target CPU utilization to 20% (for n1-standard-2 instances) and with a cool-down period of 600 seconds. One instance will need to be running in each region at all times and it will scale up as needed when running tests.

The instances take a few minutes to connect to the server after launching because they install all of the latest OS and browser updates and reboot before starting to process work.

GCE Instance Group