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EC2 Test Agents

You will need to set up agent AMI's in all of the regions where you will be running agents. This can be done by creating an image in one region and then copying the AMI to the other regions.


The configuration of the test agents is done through user data strings when instances are started (this is how the same image can be used in all of the regions).


Example User Data string

wpt_server=www.webpagetest.org wpt_loc=Test wpt_key=xxxxx

EC2 user data

Sample locations.ini

A sample ec2_locations.ini for the server is available that is configured with all of the available EC2 regions. Copy this file over locations.ini on the server and update the AMI ID's to match the AMI ID's that you have in each region if you want the server to auto-scale the agents (omit the AMI ID's if you will be manually scaling agents).