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WebPageTest Quickstart

The WebPageTest REST API gives you full access to the power and depth of WebPageTest's analysis, letting you pull performance data into your existing workflows and processes.

Agent Updates

Effective June 15th, we will be transitioning from AWS (Amazon Web Services) to GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and your tests will be retargeted to the new locations based on the mapping below.

Current Location Name Current Agent Name New Location Name New Agent Name New External IP
Singapore - EC2 ec2-ap-southeast-1 Singapore SIN_SG_01
Milan, Italy - EC2 ec2-eu-south-1 Milan, Italy MXP_IT_01
Hong Kong, China - EC2 ec2-ap-east-1 Hong Kong, China HKG_CN_01
Stockholm, Sweden - EC2 ec2-eu-north-1 Hamina, Finland QVZ_FI_01
Virginia USA - EC2 ec2-us-east-1 Dulles, Virginia, USA IAD_US_01
California, USA - EC2 ec2-us-west-1 Los Angeles, California, USA LAX_US_01
Toronto, Canada - EC2 ec2-ca-central-1 Toronto, Canada YYZ_CA_01
Sao Paulo, Brazil - EC2 ec2-sa-east-1 Sao Paulo, Brazil GRU_BR_01
London, UK - EC2 London_EC2 London, United Kingdom LHR_GB_01
Frankfurt, Germany - EC2 ec2-eu-central-1 Frankfurt, Germany FRA_DE_02
Tokyo, Japan - EC2 ec2-ap-northeast-1 Tokyo, Japan NRT_JP_01
Sydney, Australia - EC2 ec2-ap-southeast-2 Sydney, Australia SYD_AU_01

There will be no disruption for your API usage during the transition, however please make any necessary updates to your API configurations or IP whitelisting.

On August 26th, all old names will be retired and your API calls will need to be updated with the new names. Any API automation still using an old names will result in an error.

The following locations have been updated with the latest WebPageTest agent version; with this version update we have also updated the agent names, please take note of the new agent name and make any necessary changes to your API automation as the existing agent name will be retired. Current agent names will be mapped to the new name until retirement.

Current Location Name Current Agent Name New Location Name New Agent Name
Dubai, UAE - Azure (4805) azure-uae-north Dubai, UAE DXB_AE_01
Mumbai, India - EC2 (4806) ap-south-1 Mumbai, India BOM_IN_01
Jakarta, Indonesia - GCE (4809) gce-asia-southeast2 Jakarta, Indonesia CGK_ID_01
Shanghai, China - Tencent (4811) tencent-shanghai Shanghai, China PVG_CN_04
Beijing, China - Tencent (4813) tencent-beijing Beijing, China BJS_CN_04
Taiwan - GCE (4815) gce-asia-east1 Taiwan TPE_TW_01
Cape Town, South Africa - EC2 (4803) ec2-af-south-1 Cape Town, South Africa CPT_ZA_01
Bahrain - EC2 (4804) ec2-me-south-1 Bahrain BAH_BH_01
Salt Lake City, Utah - GCE (4790) gce-us-west3 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA SLC_US_02
Ireland - EC2 (4796) ec2-eu-west-1 Ireland DUB_IE_01
Paris - EC2 (4798) ec2-eu-west-3 Paris, France CDG_FR_01
Amsterdam, NL - GCE (4799) gce-europe-west4 Amsterdam, Netherlands AMS_NL_02
Osaka, Japan - EC2 (4826) ec2-ap-northeast-3 Osaka, Japan ITM_JP_01
Melbourne, Australia - Azure (4819) azure-australia-southeast Melbourne, Australia MEL_AU_03
Los Angeles, CA- M1 Mac Mini (4793) LosAngeles_M1MacMini Los Angeles, California, USA (M1 Mac Mini) LAX_US_05
New York, NY- M1 Mac Mini (4785) NewYork_M1MacMini New York, New York, USA (M1 Mac Mini) NYC_US_05
Council Bluffs USA (8122) gce-us-central1 Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA CBF_US_P02
Atlanta USA (6088) ec2-us-east-1-atl Atlanta, Georgia, USA ATL_US_P01
Boston USA (6089) ec2-us-east-1-bos Boston, Massachusetts, USA BOS_US_P01
Chicago USA (6090) ec2-us-east-1-chi Chicago, Illinois, USA CHI_US_P01
Dallas USA (6091) ec2-us-east-1-dfw Dallas, Texas, USA DFW_US_P01
Miami USA (6092) ec2-us-east-1-mia Miami, Florida, USA MIA_US_P01
New York City (6093) ec2-us-east-1-nyc New York, New York, USA NYC_US_P01
Los Angeles (6094) ec2-us-west-2-lax Los Angeles, California, USA LAX_US_P01
Seattle (6095) ec2-us-west-2-sea Seattle, Washington, USA SEA_US_P01
Portland (6096) ec2-us-west-2-pdx Portland, Oregon, USA PDX_US_P01
Seoul, Korea - EC2 ec2-ap-northeast-2 Seoul, Korea ICN_KR_01
Bangkok, Thailand - Tencent tencent-bangkok Bangkok, Thailand BKK_TH_01
Hohhot, China - Alibaba cn-het-ali-x01 Hohhot, China HET_CN_01

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of getting up and running with you very first API test.

1. Get your API Key

Once created, your API keys are always available in your account dashboard, under API Consumers.

If you can't see any API Keys, that means you don't currently have any and you will need to create a new one.

2. Submit your first test

To make sure your API key is ready to go, let's get your first test submitted. It takes some time for a test to complete.

Copy and paste the following command into your terminal, inserting your api key in place of the placeholders:

curl --request POST --url '' --header 'X-WPT-API-KEY: {YOUR_API_KEY}'

The request above will:

If all goes well, you should get a JSON response, similar to the one below, telling you the test has been successfully submitted (statusCode=200), and providing you with the testId as well as several links for digging into results once the test has been completed.

"statusCode": 200,
"statusText": "Ok",
"data": {
"testId": "210328_XiVQ_b694021b2a24ca1912dae50fb58b5861",
"jsonUrl": "",
"xmlUrl": "",
"userUrl": "",
"summaryCSV": "",
"detailCSV": ""

3. Navigate to the result page

All that's left is to view the test result!

If you go to the "userUrl" from the JSON result, you will see the normal "Test waiting" page that will refresh and load the test results when it completes. If you navigate to the "jsonUrl" in a browser you should see a JSON view of the test status. If you refresh the page periodically you will see the status change until it finally returns the full test result as JSON.

What comes next?

Congratulations! You've just successfully submitted your first test using the WebPageTest API. Here's a few more resources to help you take your next steps: