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WebPageTest provides integrations to make it easier to use the API with your existing tooling, as well as to consume the WebPageTest information in new and interesting ways.

Officially Supported Integrations

WebPageTest GitHub Action

Screenshot of GitHub showing a WebPageTest action failing due to a blown performance budget

WebPageTest's GitHub Action lets you automatically run tests against WebPageTest on code changes. You can set and enforce performance budgets, and have performance data automatically added to your pull requets to move the performance conversation directly into your existing development workflow.


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WebPageTest API Wrapper for NodeJS

Screenshot of sample code from the Node.JS wrapper

WebPageTest API Wrapper is a NPM package that wraps WebPageTest API for NodeJS as a module and a command-line tool. It provides some syntactic sugar over the raw API, enabling easier integration into your existing worfklows, including built in polling for results, pingback support and more.


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WebPageTest Slack Bot

Screenshot from Slack showing the WebPageTest bot being triggered by running /webpagetest

The WebPageTest Slack bot lets you run tests against WebPageTest from within Slack. Once the tests are complete, a copy of the waterfall and a link to the full results will be posted in your Slack channel, helping you to easily troubleshoot and diagnose performance issues directly from your Slack development channels.


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Community-Built Integrations

One of the great things about WebPageTest is the fantastic community that has built up around it. These are some great community-built integrations that we recommend.

Built something awesome using the WebPageTest API? Tell us about it so we can add it here.